The First Piece Of The Puzzle

A New Release The first novella in our new supplemental series, Archangels Creed Puzzle Pieces, is now available! AC Puzzle Pieces are designed to give clues about the Enemy’s Plot and the Archangels’ Plan to even the odds for mankind’s salvation. For the first Piece of the Puzzle… We decided to take you back to where it all began! Nearly twelve years before the beginning of the Archangels Creed Mission, in a small private laboratory somewhere in the United States, a genetic engineer finds success with the birth of an animal unlike any other. In his never-ending search for opportunities to exploit, Satan’s top Lieutenant, Socerith, learns of the animal and before long, finds a way to turn the entire operation to Satan’s benefit. Socerith’s plot unleashes an abomination on mankind in a horror unlike anything that’s gone before. Join Annie, Jason, Tina and Cutter as they become pawns in … Continue reading

A Real-Live Romance That Lasts Pt2

Last post, I talked a little about how Hubby and I  met and were married. I intended to get another post in before today, but time hasn’t been my friend this past week. Besides getting everything ready for Hubby and I to renew our marriage vows, my mom’s brother fell critically ill and passed away suddenly, and a long-time family friend passed away suddenly too. Those were on top of the one-year anniversary of my step-dad’s death. So the post I’d intended to post earlier will go up in a few days. Today, right after our regular Sunday morning church services, Hubby and I renewed our marriage vows. We kept everything really simple and casual and enjoyed family and friends who couldn’t be with us the first time, while we missed those who couldn’t be there this time. My dad. Hubby’s mom and dad. My step-dad. Our minister from the … Continue reading

A Real Life Romance That Lasts

On Sunday, May 19th, Hubby and I will celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows. It won’t be a big fairy tale wedding, but our friends and family will be there, so it will be perfect. I thought it might be fun to do a couple of short posts about some of the things we’ve learned about relationships and making them last. We’ve had ups and downs over the years, though not as bad as many couples, and there are reasons for that, and we’ve been extremely lucky. Love at first sight? When we met, Hubby was a career soldier and I was a college student. He’d come to campus to visit his brother, and I’d stayed the weekend to cover work for a sick friend. I had recently ended a serious relationship and had no interest in starting a new one. He was career-minded and on orders … Continue reading

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Archangels NOW!

FREE! Friday and Saturday, April 26 & 27 Get your free copies of Books 1 & 2 of the Archangels Creed series. These books are definitely not your ordinary paranormal romance. Readers are saying this series “…dares to be creative…” and is “…innovative…” “Summon Kassern” is available FREE at with coupon code “RU35G” “Summon Dorn” is available for FREE download from     Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post

They Say Good Things Are Worth The Wait

In my opinion they are. I KNOW this one is! I’ve been mostly absent from the site for a LONG time. Between health stuff and writing, I’ve neglected everything else. But I have good news on both fronts… I’m getting my gall-bladder out, which will take care of my newest batch of symptoms. No date yet, but as soon as I can get it done. We were supposed to have “Summon Dorn” out on Valentines day. Didn’t happen. Damn gall bladder took a LOT of writing hours from me. Sick kids took a BUNCH more. So we rescheduled for March 1st. Also didn’t happen. Somewhere in there my laptop died so I bit the bullet and replaced the one I really liked a LOT. With a laptop that runs Windows 8. Lost 3 writing days to getting everything moved from backup – yes, I backed up, Thank God! – and learning … Continue reading

From Hell In A Handbasket To A Cabin In Alaska!

We’re rapidly closing in on March 1st, (*panics*) the release date for “Archangels Creed 2: Summon Dorn”.  While Azure and I are busting ass to finish up, we’re also working to get word out about the series. A few weeks ago, I stopped by Kriss Morton’s Cabin Goddess blog, and asked to do a guest post. She gave me one of her amazingly innovative Fourth Wall Friday spots. Fourth Wall Friday is one of those concepts that’s so basic you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it. FWF posts give readers an inside look at how writing works and what it means to each author. It gives a rare glimpse into the author’s mind and thought processes as the story is formed. Stop by Cabin Goddess to see our 4th Wall Friday and see how Azure and I work with such powerful characters. While you’re there, make sure you Like and Share the post, … Continue reading

  • Just Sayin’

    I'm a Romance Author - mainly Paranormal, but nearly all with fairly graphic intimate scenes. Those scenes serve to further the development of my plots and characters and are not included haphazardly to sell books or arouse readers.

    I probably COULD tell the stories without the graphic parts, but I CHOOSE not to. I want to show the full scope of the developing relationship, and leaving out some of the most powerful and meaningful moments will deprive the reader of a measure of understanding and emotional reaction to the characters and their stories.

    Since I write books intended for adult readers, I often have material on my website that is entirely unsuitable for younger readers. If you're under 18, or if you're easily offended by open discussion of sexual situations with frank language, you might want to look the other direction.