Massive Makeover!

If you’re one of the thousands… Okay, TWO! Alright? Satisfied? If you’re one of the TWO whole people who pay attention to this site regularly, you might have noticed a few changes, and there’ll be a lot more in the near future! First of all, I changed the layout of the Home Page here on my site, along with some of the content. Go check it out and let me know what you think! The blog is way past due to be revamped, including the sadly outdated sidebar.  And, no more huge chunks of time with nothing here but crickets! In other words, back to some semblance of a blogging schedule. I’m going to add a couple of new pages to the site and possibly take a couple down to eliminate redundancy. Hell, I might even use a couple of the cool plugins I’ve found. But the biggest change will be… … Continue reading

Any Drinkers Out There? More Help Needed!

    As you know, I’m getting ready to launch Tight Spaces, Book #1 in the Double Dare series of Erotic Romances. These stories are all connected to the Double Dare Night Club in one way or another.   While you’re here, don’t forget to VOTE ON THE COVER!   Since the Double Dare figures so prominently in all the stories, I’d like to have a sort of signature drink for characters to order, to get thrown in a douchebag’s face, or to fall off a waiter’s tray right into some super-hot guy’s lap. I could include the recipe for this drink with promotional items for the series, and on the website, that sort of thing.   The problem is, I know VERY little about alcohol. *blushes* The extent of my drinking experience extends to a few shots of moonshine, and one ill-advised evening of Southern Comfort and coke, consumed on an empty stomach with … Continue reading

Judging A Book By Its Cover with Malia Mallory

Today we have Erotic Romance Author Malia Mallory to talk about the value of a book’s cover. These days, the cover is more important than ever, since it has to catch the reader’s eye all by itself – no cute store displays, no table in the center aisle, no big shelf stocked with a hundred copies. Just that lonely little cover there in the virtual bookstore, along with all the others. Now, here’s Malia: Enticing Erotica Covers I recently decided some of my covers needed an upgrade. I’d been looking around at the fabulous covers of my author friends and feeling jealous. In fact, I was becoming concerned it might even be hurting my sales. I needed to step it up. So, what to do? I contacted a cover artist who had done some work I admired. She did a new design concept for my ABCs of Erotica series. I … Continue reading

Feb 12-15 Book Event – Score A Kindle Fire!

Win a Kindle Fire and Amazon Gift Card How? Easy peasy. Head on over to or the Facebook fanpage and follow the directions on the Rafflecopter. Check back daily for 50 extra chances to win.*no purchase necessary* Congratulations to Chris from Ohio who won the Kindle Fire in December! Winwithebooks Feb 2012 Winwithebooks is a regular event for authors and book bloggers to team up to promote the authors’ books. It’s a win-win, since both the authors and the bloggers get more exposure, the authors get potential sales, and the bloggers get tons of great content possibilities with reviews, guest blogs, and interviews.   These are the participating books/authors for the February Event: Rook: Allie’s War Book 1 – Urban Fantasy – JC Andrijeski Two Moons of Sera – Fantasy – Pavarti Tyler Amador Lockdown – Paranormal/Horror – Coral Russell The Last Man on Earth Club – Sci-fi – … Continue reading

  • Just Sayin’

    I'm a Romance Author - mainly Paranormal, but nearly all with fairly graphic intimate scenes. Those scenes serve to further the development of my plots and characters and are not included haphazardly to sell books or arouse readers.

    I probably COULD tell the stories without the graphic parts, but I CHOOSE not to. I want to show the full scope of the developing relationship, and leaving out some of the most powerful and meaningful moments will deprive the reader of a measure of understanding and emotional reaction to the characters and their stories.

    Since I write books intended for adult readers, I often have material on my website that is entirely unsuitable for younger readers. If you're under 18, or if you're easily offended by open discussion of sexual situations with frank language, you might want to look the other direction.