Back to Work!!

Just a brief note to let everyone know I’m returning from a long absence due to health. I am no longer working with Azure Boone, and as far as I’m aware, she has left social media and is no longer writing. I now own the rights to the Archangels Creed series, but I still haven’t decided what to do with it. Currently, I’m focused on rewrites for Safe Heart. Since there will be very significant changes, I will re-release it under a new title and cover. As I do that, I’m also working on getting my author platform restored and getting everything active again. If you need information, you may contact my PA, Gloria Esau, or myself, on Facebook. Huge thanks for everyone for all the support and patience! I’m amazed at the reception from everyone on Facebook.     Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share … Continue reading

Bridges and Burning…

What comes to mind when you see those two words together? If you think of someone kicking ass and naming names, no matter who is pissed off in the process, you’d probably be right – in most cases. None of that here,  though. First, the Bridges: We just released a new Bridge Book in the Archangels Creed series: Dark Keeping finds Tyler, a human introduced in Summon Lyght, in the Dark Grondaia with demons fighting for the right to eat his soul. A Keeper of Darkness can save him with a sacrifice that will rock his existence and unleash more havoc on the Archangels’ mission. The Archangels Creed Bridge Books, or Supplemental Series, are unlike those of many series. These stories are integral to the main plot and reveal character motives and plot twists not shown elsewhere. They’re also a chance to get to know the characters better and find out more … Continue reading

Massive Makeover!

If you’re one of the thousands… Okay, TWO! Alright? Satisfied? If you’re one of the TWO whole people who pay attention to this site regularly, you might have noticed a few changes, and there’ll be a lot more in the near future! First of all, I changed the layout of the Home Page here on my site, along with some of the content. Go check it out and let me know what you think! The blog is way past due to be revamped, including the sadly outdated sidebar.  And, no more huge chunks of time with nothing here but crickets! In other words, back to some semblance of a blogging schedule. I’m going to add a couple of new pages to the site and possibly take a couple down to eliminate redundancy. Hell, I might even use a couple of the cool plugins I’ve found. But the biggest change will be… … Continue reading

Are You a Gambler? Then Ante Up

The newest release in the Archangels Creed series just hit Amazon! Just when you thought this phenomenal series couldn’t possibly have any more surprises, our supplemental series, Puzzle Pieces, continues with  Ante Up. And if anything, Ante Up is even more shocking than Wager. This time around, you get to meet Satan in all his unholy glory, plus get a first hand glimpse into the mind that conceived all the horrors opposing the Archangels in Summon Kassern, Summon Dorn and Summon Toren. Archangels Creed Book 3.3, Puzzle Pieces 2: Ante Up The work continues on pace at the Augusta Project lab, where Annie was created and went on her first killing spree. In Cutter Bailey’s absence, the demon Socerith has hired geneticist Dr. Samuel McBride to take the project into the next phase. So what if the scientist’s arm had to be twisted a little? Socerith’s pets always manage that task remarkably well. Impressing The … Continue reading

Authors Under Attack by Cyber Bullies

I usually don’t jump into controversy or follow the crowd on anything. But this time, I feel the need to add my $0.02. As my Daddy used to say, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I haven’t been attacked, and hopefully won’t be:) But I see an injustice, and I have an idea how to fix it. So here goes: Recently, there’s been quite a bit of noise about groups of ‘readers’ on Goodreads attacking authors. These ‘readers’ leave one-star reviews with abusive tirades on all of the ‘target’ author’s books, and sometimes take the battle into social media as well. Now, if they read the book, and just didn’t like the book, it’d be one thing. But many of these ‘readers’ haven’t read anything by the author. They’ve taken a personal dislike and turned it into a vendetta designed to ruin a career. They count on the … Continue reading

You’re Invited to the End of Summer Bash!

      The End Of Summer that is… The days are still hot (here in Kentucky, at least), but we all know Fall is just around the corner. So before it’s over, join us at The Romance Studio Party Site for a massive week-long blowout with all your favorite authors and some new to you. And of course there will beeee …Prizes! A minimum $100 Amazon gift ecard, prizes from The Romance Studio Prize Vault and even more from the individual authors. I’ll be giving away e-copies of all the ARCHANGELS CREED books, some hand-beaded book thongs and some fantastic Archangels swag! When? The Party will run 24-7 Aug 11-17, with authors continually adding new posts and offering new prizes day and night. Check in whenever you can and be sure to hit all the various posts and sign up to win all the different prizes. Go to and … Continue reading

  • Just Sayin’

    I'm a Romance Author - mainly Paranormal, but nearly all with fairly graphic intimate scenes. Those scenes serve to further the development of my plots and characters and are not included haphazardly to sell books or arouse readers.

    I probably COULD tell the stories without the graphic parts, but I CHOOSE not to. I want to show the full scope of the developing relationship, and leaving out some of the most powerful and meaningful moments will deprive the reader of a measure of understanding and emotional reaction to the characters and their stories.

    Since I write books intended for adult readers, I often have material on my website that is entirely unsuitable for younger readers. If you're under 18, or if you're easily offended by open discussion of sexual situations with frank language, you might want to look the other direction.