Archangels Creed


After years of working together on our books, my best friend and critique partner, Azure Boone, and I have decided to take our relationship to the NEXT LEVEL!

We’ve become CO-AUTHORS!

Archangels Creed

A unique Paranormal Romance series:

Twelve Archangels.

Twelve couples.

Twelve months.

Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world.

Let the Summoning Begin.


Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The Archangel Uriel sends twelve Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds.

Each Archangel has one month to find a couple, unite them, and use their union’s power to create the Holy Warriors needed to defend the world against Satan’s unholy creations. 

But the mission isn’t so simple when inheriting Humanity comes with challenges beyond the Angel’s training, and every milestone in the couple’s relationship effects the triumvirate’s strength.


ARCHANGELS CREED 1: Summon Kassern

Archangel Kassern uses the union of a preacher and stripper, forming the first Holy Warrior to defend the world from Satan’s unholy creations. Summon Kassern.

 How can Archangel Kassern get the World’s Most Unlikely Couple to fall in love and help him form the Holy Warrior? He’s too busy dealing with annoying human traits he picks up along the way.

Desperate to save her best friend, Karly, and herself from a life of prostitution, Devyn takes a chance when the preacher, Troy, offers escape. But someone offers Karly’s boyfriend big money, and he can’t let them go without a fight.

Called by God to minister to prostitutes, Troy is careful not to get too close to his flock. Sworn to celibacy, he isn’t even tempted, until he saves Devyn and becomes embroiled in her desperate life.

Can Kassern keep them all safe from Karly’s psycho ex and whichever demon horde is onto their scent at the moment? Especially with the train wreck that is Karly along for the ride?

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Archangels Creed 2: Summon Dorn

Perfectionist Archangel Dorn confidently steps forward to form the second team in the Archangels’ Holy Warrior plan. Things go wrong from the beginning, but being teased for choosing a nun as his human partner is worse than having Kassern witness his mistakes. Fortunately, Archangels can learn from their mistakes.

Jessie has the unfortunate habit of making a fool of herself whenever a good looking man is nearby. Devastatingly handsome Lucian seems able to look beyond that and puts her at ease right away, but is he as good as he looks?
After a lifetime of pain, Lucian’s heart is a closed door and he permits no one a peek inside, but Jessie blows the locks away. Will she cause him even more pain?

Dutifully heading to the convent, Sally falls into a vipers’ pit of evil. With no hope of rescue, she sets out to destroy the horror on her own, even if it means her death.

Can Dorn put everything right again and snatch them all from the jaws of the most devastating evil to ever stalk the earth?

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Kassern and Dorn have finished forming their triumvirates—oh wait, back up a minute—make that quadumvirates. Kassern had some difficulty dealing with his new human appetites and ended up taking a wife. Commander Uriel has determined Kassern’s indiscretion upset the entire power balance. The only solution is for all the archangels to find wives.

And now it’s Toren’s turn. But the enemy is farther ahead than they anticipated, so the archangels must accomplish the unthinkable in half the time.

The formula: find his couple, unite them, then join with his own selected wife. But true to his mercurial nature, Toren does things his own way. In this instance, reverse.

With his sights set on a lady rancher, Toren has his hands full studying to be a cowboy and hog-tying demons before he ever gets a hold of his human couple. Once he does, he’s saddled with a Rodeo Queen that thinks all men are from the devil and an arrogant foreign soldier that seems determined to prove her right. All that’s left is to get them to fall in love without killing each other before all hell breaks loose.

When Toren shows up at his prospective wife’s ranch mid-emergency, he makes his own path to forge his quadumvirate but nothing works as it should. Battling demons, insane horses and mystical cowboys does little to prepare him for making love to a bitter woman resigned to a life alone.

He could never have imagined two people as messed up as his human couple—a brainy beauty queen running from human traffickers and a desperate soldier seeking revenge on a brutal illegal arms dealer.

How can Toren bind his quadumvirate and overcome demons while he’s stuck dealing with his humans’ issues and his own ignorance?

He better pray for a miracle.

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in ONE ebook and


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Puzzle Pieces 1 Wager

Nearly twelve years before the beginning of the Archangels Creed Mission, in a small private laboratory somewhere in the United States, a genetic engineer finds success with the birth of an animal unlike any other.

In his never-ending search for opportunities to exploit, Satan’s top Lieutenant, Socerith, learns of the animal and before long, finds a way to turn the entire operation to Satan’s benefit. Socerith’s plot unleashes an abomination on mankind in a horror unlike anything that’s gone before.

Join Annie, Jason, Tina and Cutter as they become pawns in a plot of unimaginable magnitude!

Archangels Creed Puzzle Piece 1: Wager
Jason hates his dead-end job feeding animals and cleaning up shit, but it’s better than the other dead-end jobs in a dead-end town. Always looking for a way to something better, he leaps when opportunity knocks. Will his deal with the Devil unleash Hell on Earth and curse his blood forever?

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Kassern faces the new warrior he’s become. Part human, part angel. Sure, he’s more angel than human, but that doesn’t keep his vulnerable human side from trying to control the better parts of him. Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t bliss in this mission and mistakes will cost every team there, as well as his Brothers’ teams to come.

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In this second installment of the Archangels Creed Puzzle Pieces supplemental series, the evil plans begun in Wager begin to bear fruit. Dr. Samuel McBride interviews to take over the Augusta Project, parent of the creature, Annie. The insane deadlines are bad enough, but then there’s the boss and his darling “pets”. Can Samuel get it together and get the product out?

Or will his predecessor tip off the opposition first? Dr. Cutter Bailey, the geneticist responsible for creating Annie, has suddenly grown a conscience. Not only does he want to bring Annie in before she can rip someone else to shreds, but he also needs to bring Socerith’s evil plot down. And while he’s doing all that, can he save a woman who has barely survived a devastating attack?

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Further Notes:

For information on New Releases, subscribe to our newsletter or Like the Archangels Creed Facebook Page, or catch up with Azure or me, or the #Creed on any of the multitude of social media profiles linked here, on Azure’s site or on the Archangels Creed site. You can also search the hashtag we use, #Creed, on the usual social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Linked In.

As of Oct 2013, we have finalized a decision we agonized over for months. As women who read and write Erotic Romance, we have long felt that a vital component was missing from the genre. With ARCHANGELS CREED, our goal from the beginning has been to bring that element to our work.

In the future, you’ll hear a great deal the whole thing as we introduce an entirely new genre to the market. This new genre, Inspirational Erotic Romance, brings the element of Spirit to Erotic Romance to join with the Body and Mind elements already present. (Yeah, we know, Mind isn’t always there in Erotic Romance, but it is present in the best books of the genre.) Watch for more information!

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