Are You a Gambler? Then Ante Up

The newest release in the Archangels Creed series just hit Amazon!

Just when you thought this phenomenal series couldn’t possibly have any more surprises, our supplemental series, Puzzle Pieces, continues with  Ante Up. And if anything, Ante Up is even more shocking than Wager. This time around, you get to meet Satan in all his unholy glory, plus get a first hand glimpse into the mind that conceived all the horrors opposing the Archangels in Summon Kassern, Summon Dorn and Summon Toren.

Archangels Creed Book 3.3,

Puzzle Pieces 2: Ante Up

Archangels Creed, Kenra Daniels, Azure Boone, Kassern, Doren, Toren, Lyght, Wager, Ante Up, Flawed Warrior

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The work continues on pace at the Augusta Project lab, where Annie was created and went on her first killing spree. In Cutter Bailey’s absence, the demon Socerith has hired geneticist Dr. Samuel McBride to take the project into the next phase. So what if the scientist’s arm had to be twisted a little? Socerith’s pets always manage that task remarkably well. Impressing The Boss and reaping the rewards are the only things that really matter when you’re Satan’s Second-In-Command.

As for Cutter Bailey, well, he’s occupied with an entirely new project. All off the record, of course, so don’t say anything. But he’s found someone who needs to disappear off Socerith’s radar as much as he does.

Read on for an excerpt:

*Warning: The following excerpt contains ADULT MATERIAL! Some readers may find the language and actions offensive.*

This excerpt is from our new release, AC Puzzle Pieces 2: Ante Up, book 3.3 in the Archangels Creed series. 


Socerith paused to be recognized and invited to enter The Master’s Chamber. The required bowing and scraping was the one aspect of his job as Lieutenant he despised the most. It was also non-negotiable. The Prince of Lies was nothing if not vain and tolerated none within his inner circle who failed to reinforce and feed that vanity.

“Sauce! M’man! Get the fuck on in here!”

Socerith carefully quelled the growl that rose in his throat at the despised nickname. Allowing the Master a glimpse of his anger would be utter folly and invite endless torment. Not a mistake he would make twice. “Master.” He bent his head low, horns to the floor, then strode into the lavish Chamber.

Hard-core rap music throbbed at a subtle background level and the heavy base pulsed in the thick cannabis smoke-laden air, turning it into a near-living thing. Socerith suppressed a sigh. His fickle Master must still be obsessed with the human lifestyle of an American gangsta, complete with all the accessories. For one of Socerith’s previous visits he’d been a danseur, a male ballet dancer.

“Stand the fuck up, nigga! Why you come up in here like dat? Change yo’ ass into some’n won’t give these lovely ladies bad dreams.”

Fucking terrific. Socerith followed orders and within a nanosecond, he slouched before the Master in the form of a young American black man. He always had to be careful that he didn’t make himself larger or more handsome than his Master. Demons were regularly banished to the Pits, or worse, for far less egregious offenses.

Rather than getting on with business, the Master chose to occupy himself with finger-fucking a voluptuous Hispanic girl while she injected the drug of the day into her femoral artery. More fucking terrific. When her body arched into a combination of orgasm and drug-induced euphoria, the Master finally turned from her.

Socerith supposed human females found the Master’s current human form wickedly handsome. Smooth café au lait skin stretched over bold mixed-race features and taut musculature. His black beard was trimmed to emphasize the classic square jaw and exotic broad cheekbones. One side of his sleek black hair had been meticulously sculpted into an intricate swirling pattern of smoke and flames and the design continued across his forehead, cheek and jaw in a black and gray tattoo.

Certainly the women who constantly came and went at the Master’s whim, all by their own free will, found him devastatingly attractive. Socerith never failed to overhear their thoughts, unable to believe their good fortune to be with such a man, so talented and thoughtful and gorgeous.

Brilliant emerald and gold swirled eyes swung toward Socerith and the Master grinned, displaying both dimples and pointed teeth encrusted with precious metals and gems. Diamond studded fangs glinted in the soft glow of candles, no doubt meant to remind Socerith of the brutal punishments those fangs could hand out. The Master did nothing without a purpose.

He snapped his fingers and a bottle of his favorite brimstone-spiked Scotch whiskey appeared, along with a pair of exquisitely cut crystal glasses. Socerith managed to remain patient and silent while the whiskey was poured, and to accept the glass proffered on him.

The Devil took a long sip of his whiskey and grinned at Socerith, no doubt fully aware of his Lieutenant’s impatience, and enjoying it.”Where are we?”

Socerith was tempted to feign ignorance just to repay the bastard for wasting his time, but the repercussions weren’t worth it. “Progress continues as scheduled, despite a few unexpected hurdles.”

The smooth brow furrowed. “Hurdles?”

“Nothing serious, my Liege, I assure you.” Shit, he’d have to be more careful of his word choices. If Satan thought for a millisecond Socerith couldn’t handle the operation, he’d replace him. Still, an explanation was called for. “We discovered one of their spies, but we’re confident they didn’t discover any pertinent information. The Archangel Uriel is still as clueless as ever. Even if they did suspect, our holier than thou Brotherhood cannot touch us in this realm, and if they could, it would be too little too late. The breeding program for the hybrid demons is continuing better than expected and we have nearly fifty-thousand beings ready to move. My men have been working overtime to take possession of as many human vessels as possible.”

Time for the icing on the cake, but he reminded himself not to build overnight expectations. “The genetics program is moving into the second phase. That will take time, of course. We don’t want to invest too much into a creature unable to withstand the rigors of the battle.”

The literal golden flames in the devil’s eyes danced maliciously and he smiled, his jeweled teeth flashing prettily. “Very good, dear brother. Now come and receive your reward.” He opened his arms wide and faced Socerith, his pants dissolving to expose his enormous cock, inscribed with tattoos that matched those on his head.

“Thank you, Master.” Socerith hurried before him and dropped to his knees, fighting to keep his unnatural form. Having the devil’s jackass-sized dick in a human mouth was pushing the boundaries of biological laws. And nauseating.

Coming Soon!

Archangels Creed Book 4

Summon Lyght: The Diamond Warrior

Watch here for further details. We expect His Diamond Hotness to go live in about two weeks!

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