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Between a Hubby with bronchitis, 3 tiny boys with a stomach virus, battling a week-long migraine, and trying to help my Mom a little, I haven’t had a great deal of time left over for writing. Which meant blogging was one of the first cuts I made. Hopefully, at least some of that is resolved now, because I’m sooo over cleaning up buckets of vomit. B}

Who The Hell Won?

The first order of business: the winners of the Tight Spaces Release Tour Giveaway. Ashley Anne Applebee, LaNan Ray, and Carin Walker won copies of Tight Spaces. I’ll email all of you with information.

Safe Heart Release

On November 1st, I very quietly released the first book in the Blood Dragon series: Safe Heart. A blog tour and launch party are in the planning stages – I’ll announce more as plans are finalized.

In the meantime, pick up a copy!
Buy Safe Heart on Amazon     Buy Safe Heart on Barnes & Noble    Buy Safe Heart on Smashwords

I’m adding other retailers, and hope to have it available everywhere in a couple of weeks. I also have several promotions planned, so keep a watch out for special deals.

More on all that later :)

Archangels & Black Friday?

A while ago, Azure Boone and I announced that we’re teaming up to write a new Paranormal series. It’s coming along beautifully!

We’ve decided to release the first book on Black Friday, the Friday following American Thanksgiving and the official start of the Holiday Shopping Season. We’re planning a launch party and blog tour, so keep an eye here for news on those.

Archangel’s Creed, The Summoning

Twelve Archangels. Twelve couples. Twelve months. Can they create the Holy Warriors needed to prevent the demon-spawned abominations from destroying the world. Let the Summoning Begin.

Satan has found a loophole in the rules that govern his battle against Good. The Archangel Uriel sends twelve Warrior Archangels to Earth on a mission to even the odds.

Each Archangel has one month to find a couple, unite them, and use their union’s power to create the Holy Warriors needed to defend the world against Satan’s unholy creations.

 But the mission isn’t so simple when inheriting Humanity comes with challenges beyond the Angel’s training, and every milestone in the couple’s relationship effects the triumvirate’s strength.


An Archangel uses the union of a preacher and stripper, forming the first Holy Warrior to defend the world from Satan’s unholy creations. Summon Kassern.

Archangel’s Creed will soon have its own page here on my site with updates on all the plans.

I Double Dare You!

The second book in the Double Dare Club series is under way. The door man caught so many readers’ attention, he’s the hero of Book 2. I don’t have a title or release date yet, but  I’m expecting it to be mid- to late- December.

& Finally…

A new BLOG! In the next few weeks, I’ll be launching a new blog on this site. Of course, it doesn’t have a title yet ;P I’m sure by now you’ve realized I’m horrible with titles and often put off choosing them until the last moment.

The new blog will be exclusively about writing – craft, elements, techniques, publishing, publishing industry, & etc. There’re already tons of writing blogs out there, and another one might get lost in the flurry, especially since I’m hardly an expert. But I’ve spent several years studying, researching, and learning, so I’m bound to have picked up a few things, right? ;P

When I first turned to the online world for solid writing information, I found it widely scattered with tons of BS liberally mixed in. Fortunately, I already had a sound basis in writing, so I was able to glean out the gems and not get sidetracked by the trash. If I’d been a rank beginner, I have no doubt I’d still be weeding through it all, trying to get a handle on POV and sentence structure. Hopefully, what I have to share can make the process a little easier for others.

About Kenra Daniels

I write steamy Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance. I live in a very small town in rural northeastern Kentucky, right at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains, with my very own Romance Novel Hero (aka Hubby) of 26 yrs. We're raising our 3 little grandsons - 5y, 3y, and 2y old.
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  1. Carin W says:

    I am so glad you are no longer cleaning up puke, yuck! I am very excited about the win thank you very much!
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    I probably COULD tell the stories without the graphic parts, but I CHOOSE not to. I want to show the full scope of the developing relationship, and leaving out some of the most powerful and meaningful moments will deprive the reader of a measure of understanding and emotional reaction to the characters and their stories.

    Since I write books intended for adult readers, I often have material on my website that is entirely unsuitable for younger readers. If you're under 18, or if you're easily offended by open discussion of sexual situations with frank language, you might want to look the other direction.