It’s LIVE! At Last, TIGHT SPACES Is Out!

I confess, I’m a horrible procrastinator. If I have a deadline, I’ll do most of a job ahead, and save the last bit to do as the clock is ticking off the deadline. This project was no different. TIGHT SPACES has been finished for a couple of weeks, and the release date decided. But did I upload it early? Nope! Waited until 36 hrs before the intended release. And, even though it was finished, I still added part of a scene Thursday evening, right before uploading.

I’d hoped it would go live this morning, but it didn’t until mid-afternoon. But, it’s available now!!


Tight Spaces Cover

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A lonely woman goes dancing with friends to kick the Bad Breakup Anniversary Blues. Her fantasy-man is willing to help, until her lowlife ex ambushes him.

With the first anniversary of the messy break up of a long-term relationship bearing down, Amy has the blues. When her friends suggest an evening at the Double Dare, she reluctantly agrees to go along. She doesn’t do the casual sex thing, but it’ll be good to spend time with her friends.

Seeing Jesse at the Double Dare immediately cheers her up. She’s fantasized over him for months. The evening gets more pleasant as they heat up the dance floor. Things go from hot to sizzling, until her ex shows up and confronts Amy in a low blow. Will his interference deter Jesse and Amy from continuing what could be the start of something wonderful?


I’m doing a blog tour from Sept 17 thru Oct 12, 2012 to celebrate the release of TIGHT SPACES. I have Monday thru Friday for each week scheduled at a different blog, and a couple of days are double booked.

I’ll get a list up here ASAP with links to all the blogs and the dates. After blogging the list, I’ll add it to the Double Dare page.

The blog tour will also be connected to a giveaway. Each post will either have the Rafflecopter, or a link back here to the Rafflecopter on the Double Dare page, where you can enter a couple different ways. I’m giving away at least 3 copies of TIGHT SPACES, a $10 Amazon Gift Card, and I’m working on some other prizes, but since I don’t have confirmation on those yet, I can’t announce them.

During the tour, I’ll have occasional guests here, and I think there’s a Blog Hop, as well. I’ll also continue to blog on my usual haphazard schedule. I’ll be back to Six Sentence Sunday next week with something brand new.

So, before I forget to ask, head over to and pick up your copy of TIGHT SPACES!

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I write steamy Paranormal Romance and Erotic Romance. I live in a very small town in rural northeastern Kentucky, right at the edge of the Appalachian Mountains, with my very own Romance Novel Hero (aka Hubby) of 26 yrs. We're raising our 3 little grandsons - 5y, 3y, and 2y old.
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6 Responses to It’s LIVE! At Last, TIGHT SPACES Is Out!

  1. Arial Burnz says:

    WOOOT!!! Congratulations for finally getting it done. Personally, I think you’re being too hard on yourself…but job well done!! 😉
    Arial Burnz recently posted..Damien Weller became a registered memberMy Profile

  2. Jess Schira says:

    Good for you! I’m adding it to my to-read list.
    Jess Schira recently posted..Six Sentence Sunday: Fools and RuntsMy Profile


    I want to stay with you.

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    I'm a Romance Author - mainly Paranormal, but nearly all with fairly graphic intimate scenes. Those scenes serve to further the development of my plots and characters and are not included haphazardly to sell books or arouse readers.

    I probably COULD tell the stories without the graphic parts, but I CHOOSE not to. I want to show the full scope of the developing relationship, and leaving out some of the most powerful and meaningful moments will deprive the reader of a measure of understanding and emotional reaction to the characters and their stories.

    Since I write books intended for adult readers, I often have material on my website that is entirely unsuitable for younger readers. If you're under 18, or if you're easily offended by open discussion of sexual situations with frank language, you might want to look the other direction.