Any Drinkers Out There? More Help Needed!


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As you know, I’m getting ready to launch Tight Spaces, Book #1 in the Double Dare series of Erotic Romances. These stories are all connected to the Double Dare Night Club in one way or another.


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Since the Double Dare figures so prominently in all the stories, I’d like to have a sort of signature drink for characters to order, to get thrown in a douchebag’s face, or to fall off a waiter’s tray right into some super-hot guy’s lap. I could include the recipe for this drink with promotional items for the series, and on the website, that sort of thing.


The problem is, I know VERY little about alcohol. *blushes* The extent of my drinking experience extends to a few shots of moonshine, and one ill-advised evening of Southern Comfort and coke, consumed on an empty stomach with my friend’s elderly German mother. Not a good thing, I assure you. Oh, and peach brandy as cough syrup when I was growing up. Other than that, it’s a glass of wine with dinner for special occasions.


You see why I need your help.


I can handle writing about margaritas and martinis, JD, tequila, or beer. I even invented a local micro-brewery that has a couple of specialty beers served at the Double Dare. But mixed drinks absolutely confound me, and if they’re out of the ordinary, I’m worse than lost.


With food, I know the qualities specific ingredients can lend to the final product. Booze? Not so much. I get adding fruit juices, etc, to change the flavor. But why 2 or more kinds of liquor in one drink? And why use one kind instead of another?


I can research recipes all day long, but that doesn’t give me anything resembling first hand information about taste, or tolerance, or… You get the idea.


What I need is…


Your suggestions for one or more drinks that I can use as signature, or specialty, drinks for the Double Dare. Along with the suggestion and recipe, if possible, I’d like to know the why for the alcoholic ingredients, and, your description of the taste.


Just leave a comment below with as much information as possible about your suggestion.


After the suggestions come in,


I’ll figure out which one will be the Double Dare’s signature drink, which to list as a particular bartender’s specialty, etc. Since I know so little about drinks, I’ll probably put it to a vote here on the blog.


What’s in it for you?


If I use your suggestion, you’ll get credit on the website, and receive a free copy of Tight Spaces.


If it makes a difference…


The Double Dare is a pretty nice club, well maintained, with a nice VIP section. It has a live band, dance floor, good bar, and various sized tables and booths. The music is hard rock/heavy metal, and loud. Security keeps the peace, doesn’t interfere with dirty dancing unless body parts become visible, and more liberties are permitted in the VIP section.


The clientele has nearly every kind of job imaginable, and most are between 21 and 55, but the occasional octogenarian isn’t unheard of. The staff are both male and female, with a similar age range, and take pride in making the Double Dare the best club in town.


The “Street Team”


Authors depend on readers to talk about their books and recommend them. When that talk is organized a little, the readers doing it are sometimes referred to as a “Street Team”. Membership and participation are voluntary – readers put their time and effort in because they enjoy the books. Authors repay them in unique ways, because money can’t buy that kind of promotion. It’s win-win.


This is the first step in the creation of a Street Team to help more readers find my books. This informal readers’ organization is designed for members to be involved with day-to-day word of mouth marketing, special promotions, and other aspects of my books. In return, members would receive benefits such as advance access to selected new releases, special promotional items, public recognition on my websiteand other compensations to be announced later. 


If you’re interested in becoming a foundation member, please contact me at kenradaniels AT gmail DOT com. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.


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7 Responses to Any Drinkers Out There? More Help Needed!

  1. Luxie Ryder says:

    What about a Black Russian? Vodka, Tia Maria and coke (or Vodka, Kahlua and coke). Tastes like dark caramel with a kick (from the voddy).

  2. You definitely need to find out the ingredients needed to make a ‘Pearl Harbor.” I’ve forgotten what they are.
    Sneaks up on you and knocks you on hour ass!
    Bruce Louis Dodson recently posted..On Leaving America – Part 16My Profile

  3. 1 oz vodka
    1/2 oz melon liqueur
    5 oz pineapple juice

    Read more: Pearl Harbor recipe

  4. Emma Meade says:

    A Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a delicious drink made with ginger beer. Not to everyone’s taste, suits a moody individual: slice of lime, dark rum, ginger beer.
    Emma Meade recently posted..Book Review: Be Prepared to Die by Mark Souza (Look out Stephen King).My Profile

  5. Barbara says:

    Although it is a simple drink, a white wine spritzer is always a favorite. It can be made with white or rose wine, add some seltzer or lemon lime soda and a twist of lemon. It’s light and a feminine fave.
    Barbara recently posted..Home-Based Business Opportunity for Easygoing Wine LoversMy Profile

  6. I’ve always been a sucker for a red-headed slut… no comments from the peanut gallery, please. It can come as a shooter (in a shot glass) or as a mixed drink (served over ice) It’s equal parts Jägermeister (which tastes like black licorice), Southern Comfort (liquer), Crown Royal (whiskey), and cranberry-flavored vodka.
    It comes out really sweet. You don’t taste the licorice at all, and it is of course a blast to order. It’s a newer drink, according to wikipedia (first made in 2000) and is also called a Ginger Bitch.
    With two kickass names like that, how can a girl go wrong?

  7. Amber Green says:

    Amaretto Extra Sour
    1.5 oz amaretto
    1 oz bourbon (good stuff)
    1 oz lemon juice (key lime juice fresh off the tree works too)
    1 tsp. of 2:1 simple syrup (every bar has simple syrup, or makes it with sugar and water)
    I first heard of this drink when Mari LaCroix brought it to a writing retreat.

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