Sharing a Family Tragedy

As a stereotypically introverted writer, the vast majority of my friends are online. So, I’ve chosen to share the tragedy that has struck my family with those of you who count yourself as my friends.

Early this morning, my mother called to let us know my stepdad had passed away during the night. It’s not a sudden surprise, but nonetheless devastating.

Seven years or so after my dad passed away, my mom reconnected with a friend from her youth. After a bit, this friend asked my mom to meet a gentleman she’d worked with, a widower and recently retired. The friend thought my mom and this man would have a lot in common.

So after a couple of phone calls, Reno came to my mom’s church, and took her to lunch after the service. They fell hard for each other right away. They both approached their families carefully, fearful of negative reactions, but thankfully, both sides were happy for them. A few months later, they were married.

As deeply as Reno had loved his first wife, my mom, Clara, became the love of his life. My mom was completely in love with my dad, but Reno became the new love of her life. They had nearly five years together.

Then, a few weeks ago, Reno became ill, unable to keep down food or drink. A trip to the doctor showed a bowel obstruction, and he was rushed into emergency surgery to clear it. The obstruction turned out to be a massive, inoperable, malignant tumor. He was left with a colostomy, and plans for chemo after he healed.

The next few weeks were pretty rough, but finally, he’d seemed to be improving, getting stronger. Then, over the weekend, he started having trouble keeping food down again. Yesterday morning, he had a serious heart attack. He’d had some heart problems in the past, but seemed to be well on that front. They aren’t sure what caused the attack – possibly infection, a blood clot, or the severity of his dehydration, or something else not readily apparent. And last night, he was gone.

And so closes one of the greatest love stories I’ve ever witnessed.

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7 Responses to Sharing a Family Tragedy

  1. I’m so sorry sweetie, but so happy for your mom and step dad, that they got to have not one, but two great loves.

    Thoughts are with you. :)
    Jennifer James recently posted..Tales From The Coffin by JoAnne Kenrick #Booktrailer Reveal!My Profile

    • Thanks, Jenn. Much appreciated.

      And yes, we’re so happy and grateful that they found each, and were happy for the time they had. They were able to travel and enjoy friends and family. On nice days, they were often found in Reno’s ’57 Chevy Bel Aire, cruising around, listening to 8-tracks, stopping for picnics, and always laughing. They lived each moment together to the fullest, knowing they had a finite number of them left.
      Kenra Daniels recently posted..Sharing a Family TragedyMy Profile

  2. Saddened by this news. It sounds like Mom has been blessed to love and be loved by two wonderful men. She probably doesn’t feel all that blessed now. Hopefully in the future, she will feel that way.
    Lots of well-wishes for the entire family.


    • Thanks, Jimmy. Though Reno and Dad were very different, I can’t think of two more honorable, kind, and good men. And they were both nuts over Momma, and she for them.

      She has a deep faith and the sort of abiding strength that allows her to know how blessed she was, even as she grieves.
      Kenra Daniels recently posted..Sharing a Family TragedyMy Profile

  3. My heart breaks for your Mom Kenra! Reading this brought all the memories of the utter despair and desolation my Mother felt when my Father passed away in 2009 so cannot imagine how horrible your Mom feels having now gone through the loss of a spouse twice, especially one who treasured her the way it sounds like Reno did.
    “Virtual Hugs” sent your way to both you and your Mom, your loss will be felt for a long time so take care of each other.

    • Thanks so much, Jackie. The hugs are truly appreciated.

      I’m so sorry your mother had to go through such a loss, too. My mother took great comfort in her faith the first time, and I’m sure it will help her this time. Still, the loss is crushing, and the scars will last an eternity.
      Kenra Daniels recently posted..Sharing a Family TragedyMy Profile

  4. So many of us can’t say we’ve ever had a true love. How fortunate your mom was to have had two! Hugs to you and your family. Losing someone is never easy — an understatement if ever there was one.

    Take care.
    -Melia Alexander

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