This Is A Test Of Your Emergency… Oh, Wait

Besides disrupting transportation, heavy ice a...

Besides disrupting transportation, heavy ice and snow can damage utilities. Power and telephone lines sagging after heavy icestorm. Historic NWS Collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. The hair-raising, official sounding buzzer that local TV and radio stations use to alert viewers/listeners to Emergency Alerts. Where I live, it’s primarily used to alert the public to severe weather conditions, though I’m sure it could be used for other kinds of emergencies as well, assuming there’s enough time.

If, When

When I was a kid, we had gas, as well as electricity, for heat and cooking, and our water came from a rain-catchment system. Other than making sure we had enough food to last a few days, we never really made any emergency preparations. As an adult, even living in a home powered exclusively by electricity, I never bothered with any sort of serious preparations for emergency situations, though we did have a kerosene heater for alternative heat. Even after we lost power for a week in February several years ago during an ice storm, I didn’t worry too much, other than to be sure we had ten gallons of kerosene stashed.

My dad always used to say there would be a time when man would have to live off the land again, and he thought it would come sooner than later. To that end, he taught me to hunt and some basic survival skills, and over the years, I’ve learned a little more. But as far as making actual preparations, I never really went out of my way.


Recently, though, I’ve begun to rethink that position, particularly when I think of how frighteningly fragile our way of life is. Turn off the electricity, and in a matter of days, chaos will reign as people become desperate. And we keep being told how vulnerable our electrical grid is.

I just turned 45, and our only child is grown.  But Hubby and I unexpectedly have responsibility for our 3 little grandsons, as our daughter has become unable to take care of them. Suddenly, I was reminded of how precarious life can be when you have little ones depending on you to meet their every need. So, I started to think about what I could do to be ready for an emergency or disaster, without a big investment of time or money.

Around the same time, I stumbled across “Doomsday Preppers”, a series on NatGeo about the steps some people are taking in order to be prepared for disasters. There are people spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on emergency supplies and shelters, and others using pretty much what they have on hand to be ready. I’ve also discovered several websites and blogs dedicated to “Prepping”.

I’m not an extremist, or even all that paranoid. Just an ordinary person who thinks it’s a good idea to be ready, just in case. Over the next several months, as I research the subject, and devise an emergency preparedness plan for my family, I plan to share parts of that with you. I don’t have a great deal of expendable money to invest, so my preparations will have to be inexpensive. I’m expecting a lot of it will be more acquiring skills and knowledge than stockpiling supplies – first aid, food preservation, etc. My hope is to inspire you to take steps to help ensure your family’s survival in a catastrophe.

What sort of scenario do you think might contribute to a collapse of our current way of life? Do you think such a collapse is imminent, or is it a more remote threat? Have you done anything to prepare your family? If so, what?

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4 Responses to This Is A Test Of Your Emergency… Oh, Wait

  1. Zombies. Also, perhaps, alien invasion. And I don’t mean from outer space. I actually think that a super bug – ie a virus or bacteria could seriously mess up our way of life. Imagine a pandemic situation. That could happen pretty plausibly, and holy crap would it be bad.

    Having a decent storm radio on hand, flashlights, and bottled water = cheap, easy, and smart.
    Jennifer James recently posted..Jennifer James: Lucky Seven Meme: Long Time ComingMy Profile

    • Hey, Jenn! You’re right, of course. The Zombie Threat just can’t be ignored. And I totally get you on the alien invasion.

      The super bug pandemic, I think, is one of the more immediate threats. A germ can spread over the globe in a matter of hours, before it even bleeps the CDC’s radar. That, or a terrorist strike on the power grid, seem to me to be the most plausible threats.

      We’d probably be surprised to learn how many households couldn’t find a working flashlight within five minutes, not to mention the radio. Now that almost no one drinks tap water, more people are likely to have access to a little bottled water.
      Kenra Daniels recently posted..This Is A Test Of Your Emergency… Oh, WaitMy Profile

  2. Mark says:

    Kenra, I cam upon the ‘prepping’ community by sheer chance while looking up things on ‘Homesteading’. A lot of interesting stuff there, but also a lot of kooks. I do watch Doomsday Preppers, though, and find it interesting that, seemingly, 99% of them are convinced that we’re headed for an economic collapse.

    I can’t say that their assessment, concerning that, is all that far-fetched.

    My wife and I are just getting started with ‘prepping’, though our efforts aren’t all that extreme. We live in Florida and need to be prepared just in case of hurricanes.
    We buy extra canned goods at the store and stock up on two for ones when the budget allows. We have a small propane stove, emergency radio, a fire starting kit as well as an envelope of cash, just in case ATMs aren’t working.

    We’ve started a fairly large garden and plan on canning as much as we can from the harvest.

    My main issue with ‘Doomsday Preppers’ is that it seems like these people are living in fear. Spending that much time and resources on something that might, or might not happen is…I won’t say crazy….but….different.

    Who knows, though….?
    Mark recently posted..Earth’s Mightiest Box Office…My Profile

    • Hi Mark,

      I have to agree, a LOT of kooks, LOL. I’ve seen several on Doomsday Preppers who’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and as much time as a full time job on prepping. You’re right, it seems some of them are living in constant fear, and worse, frightening their children.

      Economic collapse is pretty high on my list of possible scenarios that could cause a doomsday sort of situation, along with pandemic, and a terrorism strike on the electrical grid.
      Kenra Daniels recently posted..This Is A Test Of Your Emergency… Oh, WaitMy Profile

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